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Looking for directions to get back in touch with RISE Delaware™ through Facebook? This document will walk you through finding the right place to reconnect with us and your fellow RISE Delaware supporters. And share the link with your friends who also want to reconnect after being hijacked by the "ROMA" group.

Explore this website to learn more about the RISE Delaware organization, its goals, and how you and other Delaware retirees are affected by the State of Delaware's plans to change pension healthcare benefits.

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  • Share the link to this important recent research explaining that Medicare Advantage plans cost more, provide less to let your family, friends, and colleagues understand why RISE Delaware is working to ensure Delaware retirees keep the healthcare coverage they currently have.
  • Reach out to other Delaware retirees and near-retirees you know to let them know about RISE Delaware's activities on their behalf. Share this flyer that has key information about the work RISE Delaware is doing for them.
  • Contribute to ensure RISE Delaware can continue to fight for you through the Courts and in the Delaware Legislature.

Or send a check payable to RISE Delaware to:

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To learn more about the RISE Delaware organization, its goals and activities:

  • Check the ABOUT page for the history of RISE Delaware and its goals.
  • Review recent UPDATES detailing how RISE Delaware keeps our supporters informed of new legal and legislative activities.
  • GET INVOLVED to help RISE Delaware ensure the healthcare needs of retirees and near-retirees will be met.
  • Read about RISE Delaware’s activities and related healthcare information in the NEWS.

To learn more about RISE Delaware’s legal activities to date:

  • Visit our LEGAL page for information about the RISE Delaware lawsuit and court proceedings.
  • Use the link on that page to review the documents filed as part of our legal fight to keep the healthcare we were promised at retirement.

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