Why did RISE Delaware™ file a lawsuit on your behalf?

On September 25, 2022, RISE Delaware filed a lawsuit in Delaware Superior Court on behalf of State retirees, alleging that the State made the decision to move all retirees to a Medical Advantage plan without following the procedures required for an open government and without input from those most affected — the State's retirees. The State attempted to fundamentally alter the healthcare benefits long relied upon by Delaware’s retirees.

You can read and review the most significant legal document related to the RISE Delaware court cases, including those from May and June of 2023, at:

Lawsuit documents as filed to date

RISE Delaware is raising funds to cover legal fees and other related expenses. We cannot continue to work on your behalf without your financial help. Please give whatever you can to support the effort to raise the money needed to support this lawsuit and the continuing legal steps. Tell your family and friends to help! Make sure that every State retiree you know is aware of the situation concerning their healthcare!

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